Acic Pharmaceuticals


ACIC is continually looking for experienced, professional, and motivated individuals to join our team. We are an equal opportunity employer with a competitive salary and benefits package, focusing on a life-work balance for all of our employees. If you are a conscientious, accountable, goal-oriented individual and ready to pursue the next step in your career, contact us to see what opportunities we may have for you.

To apply, please fill out the application form and email the completed form along with your resume and cover letter.

Security Alert!

Although strict efforts have been made, fraudsters continue to impersonate ACIC Pharmaceuticals Inc. through many channels, including genuine-looking phishing and copycat websites. These copycat websites not only infringe on our trademarks and copywrite, but they also lure clients through malicious links in emails, text messages and search engine results, aiming to trick users into sharing sensitive information.  Please note that is the only legitimate website.  Please also be advised that scammers are using a technique called e-mail spoofing to make it appear that their e-mail is coming from our server.  Check the e-mail headers to identify the true source of the e-mail.  Any other email address is not legitimate and may be fraud or a scam.  Furthermore, we do not initiate contact by text messaging or social media channels.  If you have received one of these messages please do not click any of the links or reply with any personal or tax information.  Do not agree to purchase or accept any training materials.  We suggest you immediately delete the message.  If you feel you have a legitimate communication from us and want to validate it, you may write to us through the our “contact us” page.

If you are a victim of fraud, please report it to the relevant authorities.  In the USA you can find your State Consumer Protection Office here: and some general guidance here:  In Canada, you can report fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre