ACIC's Featured Partners

Creating Value for our Partners since 1973

At ACIC Pharmaceuticals, we value our long-term partners that we have developed close rapport with. Here are a few of our long-term partners to help you gain understanding of how we collaborate with them for specific sourcing solutions that we can offer you.

Please contact us for a more in-depth understanding to meet your specific needs.


Starting with penicillin, Antibiotice’s first product manufactured in 1955, our company produced hundreds of pharmaceutical substances.

Amsa Cosma

AMSA S.p.A. was built from the ground in 1953 near Como, roughly 50 km from Milan.


Formosa Laboratories, Inc. produces APIs and UV-filters in its modern facilities near Taipei.


Icrom is a fully integrated company, devoted to the development and manufacturing of Active Ingredients and advanced intermediates for pharmaceutical use.


TRIFARMA S.p.A. manufactures and supplies worldwide high quality APIs to the global pharmaceutical industry.


Fermic is a company dedicated to API manufacturing while specializing in fermentation with the USA FDA-GMP approved fermentation and synthesis plant.


Bioindustria was founded in 1932 and started with the production of National Formulary preparations.