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About Us

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ACIC is a pharmaceutical and fine chemical company that manufactures and provides our clients and partners with active pharmaceutical ingredients, finished dosage forms, contract manufacturing services, process development and optimization, regulatory services, clinical services from cGMP and FDA inspected facilities.

A Flexible Relationship

ACIC Pharmaceuticals has built long-term relationships with their partners, evolving over the years from being an agent and a distributor to an on-going steady partner for API development and manufacturing projects.


ACIC has been a key supplier to the North American pharmaceutical market since 1973.

Over the past 45 years, ACIC has evolved into a fully integrated partner providing products and services to leading global generic and brand pharmaceutical companies.

ACIC Pharmaceuticals is a large volume supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) manufactured in our global network of partner manufacturing plants. All of these facilities are FDA inspected and cGMP compliant. To complement this core activity, we have an established generics division to work closely with our customers and partners to bring approved ANDA’s to market.

ACIC was the API supplier in the first Paragraph IV challenge and continues to be very active in many Paragraph IV ANDA filings today.  Over the years, ACIC has helped biotech industries by investing in new process molecules which lead to our successful approval and launch of a new product in Japan in 2009, followed by Europe, and the USA in 2014.

From Molecule to Market is what we do!

Working closely with our suppliers, customers and long-term partners, is how we do it!

Our Global team looks forward to working with you and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship.

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