Pharmaceutical Machinery and Turn-Key Plants

With 40 years of experience in pharmaceutical business, ACIC has been approached by many clients in search of pharmaceutical equipment. This resulted in ACIC being involved with key partners that manufacture pharmaceutical equipment for small projects up to large turn-key projects.

The available equipment is utilized to manufacture many pharmaceutical products including sterile injectible products, IV Bags, a variety of antibiotic productions and more recently, new products in biological dosage form.

Our partners are also involved in automations. With our internal, technical and regulatory teams, ACIC completes the full-service requirements for upgrading old plants and building new plants.

Primary Applications in the Pharmaceutical industry

  • IV Bags Closed System:
    • IV Bag automation production lines
    • Nominal production: 2,500, 5,000, 7,500, and 10,000 bags/h
    • IV Bag filling and sealing machine
    • IV Bag printing and labeling machine
  • Plastic Ampoules and Bottles:
    • BFS (blow-fill-seal) Automatic Systems
    • Production: 2,000 to 9,000 ampoules/h
    • Ampoule sizes: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10 and 20 ml
  • Glass Ampoules and Vials:
    • Semi-automatic lines for ultra-sound washing, filling and sealing of glass ampoules or vials
    • Drying and sterilization tunnels
  • Antibiotic Glass Vials (lyphilized and powder):
    • Semi-automatic lines for ultra-sound washing, filling and sealing of vials
    • Drying and sterilization tunnels
  • Syringe Filling Machine
  • Freeze Driers
    • Laboratory freeze drier (0.2 - 1 m²)
    • Pilot freeze drier (2 - 5 m²)
    • Production freeze drier (7.6 - 20 m²)
    • High production freeze drier (25 - 50 m²)
  • Consumables and Components
    • Caps and tubes for IV bags and IV bottles
    • IV bags ports
    • Flip-off caps
    • Pre-forms
    • Empty IV bags



Listed below are some of our machinery partners.

Talk to us for a more in depth understanding of the pharmaceutical machinery companies we collaborate with and what we can offer you.

Click on a company logo below for an overview of their capabilities.

China Sun Venus



CHINA SUNA was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Changsha, Hunan, China. CHINA SUN is primarily engaged in the manufacture and distribution of infusion solutions manufacture equipment. This includes injection production, pharmaceutical machinery, packing machinery, food and drinks machinery, and packaging material production.  The "CHINA SUN" brand has already became a well-know brand for the pharmaceutical machinery industry in China as well as many other industries world-wide. The company has invested large sums of money to ensure that product features are adequately tested for quality.

CHINA SUN has advanced and high precision processing equipment, good research and development test conditions and complete logistics facilities. CHINA SUN's R&D technology center covers about 6,000 square meters and is filled with state-of-the-art equipment for trial testing and the technical development of instruments. Today, the company owns the most advanced glass bottle, soft bag, plastic infusion, high speed ampoule automatic production lines. CHINA SUN combines efficient management and the most advanced technology to realize successful production. 

The Company has a total number of 822 granted patents including 28 inventions , 781 utility model pieces and 13 design pieces.

BFS Machine ATS Automation
Glass Ampule Injection Inspection Machine glass ampoule injection inspection
Glass Ampoule Injection Production Line glass ampoule injection production line
Vial Washing, Filling, Sealing Interlocking Production Line vial filling

Non-PVC Soft Bag IV Solution Production Line

Soft Bag IV Production Line Non PVC 2
Rotary Bottle Blowing Machine Plastic Bottle IV
Rotary Bottle Blowing Machine, Wind transferring Orbit, Plastic Bottle IV Washing, Filling and Sealing Machine Plastic Bottle IV
BFS Machine BFS2
Glass Ampoule Inspection Machine Glass ampoule injection
Glass Ampoule Injection Production Line glass ampoule production line
Glass Vial Injection Production Line glass vial injection production line
Lab Use Lyophilizer Lab Use Lyophilizer



Venus, with headquarters in Illinois, USA, is a supplier of pharmaceutical machinery as well as food and beverage machinery and packing machinery with relative packing material. Products include injection equipment, pre-filled syringe line, ampoule-filling line, inspection machines, and BFS for liquid products.

Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Injection Equipment
    • highest speed for IV solutions
    • non-pvc soft bag
    • plastic bottle
    • glass bottle
  • Pre-filled syringes
    • automatic fill/processing line
    • 2, 5, 10ml fill
  • Ampoules
    • High-speed fill line
    • Washing, sterile tunnel, filling, closing
  • Inspection
    • Fully automatic
    • Ampoule vial, syringe, glass bottle
  • Liquids
    • BFS machine for small and large volumes


BFS Machine BFS
Bottle Blow Wash Fill Seal bottle blow wash
Glass Ampoule Fill Line glass amp fill
Glass Ampoule Inspection (1) glass amp insp

Glass Ampoule Inspection (2)

glass amp insp
Soft Bag Fill soft bag fill
Vial Fill Line vial fill line



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